History more than 58 years

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The Company History Deuschle Spindel-Service GmbH

Paying attention to details is the difference between mediocrity and excellence. Our goal: Excellence.


Year Event
2024 CO2 milestone: Photovoltaic PV system 135kW was installed for 80% own energy supply
2023 New machine: CMM of ZEISS Contura was installed
2022 Kellenberger CNC machine KelVaria was installed
2022 Pro-Spindle China Spindle Repair Workshop - Deuschle is JV partner
2021 Membership in the BVMW "Federal Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises", the largest business association in Germany.
2020 Deuschle puts the 6th grinding machine and the 4th lathe machine as well as a 2nd laser welding system into operation
2019 Stepping up into precision parts manufacturing with CNC machine tools. MAZAK INTEGREX, 4 axix milling, laser engraving etc.
2018 Deuschle Bisingen has 37 employees / Deuschle Korea 8 employees / more than 30.000 repaired Spindles
2017 Environment Certification ISO 14001:2015 achieved
2016 50 Years DEUSCHLE
2015 Metrology: Deuschle buys a MAHR measuring machine
2014 Deuschle Bisingen got 32 employees and achieved about 26.000 repaired spindle units
2014 Deuschle Korea employes 8 workers
2013 ISO 9001:2008 Certification in Germany and Korea is achieved
2012 Cooperation with CAPELLINI SRL, Italy begins
2012 Foundation of the Deuschle Korea Ltd. in Seoul (South Korea)
2010 Certification DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 in Korea and Bisingen achieved
2008 3D measuring machine with highest accuracy was installed NIKON METRIS
2003 Leadership transferred to the 2. generation with the sons Samuel Deuschle and Jonathan Deuschle
2002 Agent with FISCHER and PRECISE ends
1999 Relocation to Bisingen with 2000m2 area
1994 Deuschle develops and manufactures the first own spindle
1989 Relocation to own company building in Gottlieb-Daimler-Str. 1
1988 1. Exhibition at the AMB in Stuttgart
1985 Relocation to the industrial estate Denkendorf with around 300m2
1980 Relocation of the factory to into the summerhouse with 40m2
1978 1. Exhibition at the FAMETA in Stuttgart
1974 DEUSCHLE becomes agent of FISCHER Spindles, Switzerland and PRECISE, Germany
1973 1. Workshop in residence of the company founder Karl Deuschle
1966 Legal registration of Business

How everything started

For decades, Deuschle Spindel-Service GmbH has specialized in the repair and production of spindle units. This began in 1966 with our founder, Karl Deuschle offering his expertise in HSC (High-speed cutting) technology. As a consultant, he laid down the foundation for offering excellent services for spindles. The same approach has informed the company‘s current market strategy, which is completely customer-oriented and constantly optimized.

Due to increasing demand, along with increasingly individual development of mechanical and automotive engineering, Deuschle has been challenged to redefine concepts of service. These innovations range from the classic change of new bearings, the regrinding and balancing of components, as well as retrofits up to the development of new spindle systems with integrated Industry 4.0 capabilities. Our extensive know-how of over 50 years has been honored by many loyal customers.

The Deuschle team consists of over 50 qualified employees in Germany with a subsidiary in South Korea and China. We operate in several industries including metalwork, energy, electronics, medical technology, as well as in the wood and plastics industries. Wherever we are mentioned, Deuschle is named as a potential supplier and an excellent partner.

Exceptional customer service enables the company to be on the pulse of the times. In doing so, Deuschle focuses on customers who demand timely and customized project specification. For customers with defined machinery repair, we offer contracts to service and maintain their spindles. Deuschle also conducts modifications on existing spindles, with new spindle developments being carried out in close collaboration with the customer. We utilize the “PTC Creo Parametric” CAD system for this purpose.

As a system supplier, Deuschle not only services and delivers the spindle itself, we also supply all peripheral devices that are required for the smooth operation of a spindle system. These include frequency converters, cooling units, tool holders, finely filtered lubricants and other accessories; exchange spindles are available as well.