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Paying attention to details is the difference between mediocrity and excellence. Our goal: Excellence.

Corporate mission and vision

Deuschle is influenced by the Christian attitude of the owners. The actions are intended to be in accordance to the Christian values of the Bible. This is the starting point of our various leadership activities. The shareholders of Deuschle live the Christian faith and have also aligned the company according to these principles. It's not about pseudo-religiosity, but about raising the awareness that faith in Jesus Christ is an essential part of human existence and provides an important benchmark for human coexistence.

Deuschle guarantees the following values:

Respect for human dignity ad respect

In the daily business life this refers especially to our employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners. Requirements and concerns are taken seriously and possible actions are discussed. Listening to problems is just as important as signaling limits when interpersonal boundaries are exceeded.

Honesty and trust in interpersonal contact

Every business is dependent on its suppliers and its customers. Therefore, an active trusting relationship is the basis of any long-term cooperation. If there is no truth in relationship, sustainability is missing.

Openness and willingness for conversation

In our business, we live by the principle of open doors, i.e. each employee has access to the leaders any time to talk about problems, concerns or possible improvements. An openness for communication must be maintained by all parties involved.

We are members

We are members of Christen in der Wirtschaft e.V. (engl.: Christians in Business) and support Michael Richter's Essay about "Führen und Managen - mit Gottes Hilfe" (engl.: Leadership and Management with God's help).