Precision Parts Production

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In addition to spindle production and spindle repair, Deuschle also offers precision parts production

We build high-precision parts for the machine tool industry and rotationally symmetrical parts with complex inner contours with high accuracy.
The development is based on customer specifications and realized in the existing CAD / CAM technology from PTC-Creo and ONEcnc.

Your advantage is the procurement of ready-to-install components or assemblies with dimension and function control directly on the machine with RENISHAW.

The production takes place according to your specifications, drawings and standards.

The following production technologies are available:

  • Turning technology with CNC machining center 5-axis MAZAK INTEGREX with B-axis and WEILER up to 2000mm turning length. Dimensional control directly on the machine with RENISHAW
  • Milling technology with 4-axis KAFO and DMG
  • Deep hole drilling with special tools on CNC machines for drilling in one shot. There is no faster and more accurate way of production.
  • Grinding technology: The required µm tolerances of your parts are produced in the final grinding process by our specialists on high-precision grinding machines from VOUMARD and KELLENBERGER. Cylindrical grinding inside / outside, cone grinding (HSK, SK, BT, CAPTO), center grinding with TECHNICA, coordinate grinding with DECKEL. Flat grinding on Ziersch&Batrusch.
  • Balancing technology: Your rotating parts are balanced according to your quality specifications and of course documented with a balancing report. DIN ISO 1940. There are 2 machines of SCHENCK up to 250kg of shaft weight.
  • Measurement technology: All manufactured parts are checked and logged. The documentation can be made available to you at any time. We have modern measuring equipment.
  • Laser technology: With machines from ALPHALASER and 2 other laser welding and engraving machines the in-house production capabilities are completed.
  • Module-Assembly: Complete assemblies are done upon customer order. As a rule, these are high-precision units made in-house, QM checked and assembled to a full working unit/spindle/module. All from one source. We carry out all required functional tests and documentation. 100% quality from one supplier.