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Balancing of all stressed parts of the spindle system is essential. This applies equally to milling spindles, grinding spindles and turning spindles alike. It is not only evident in the components inside the spindle, but also in use with a wide variety of tools.The basis for this is the balancing standard ISO 1940-1.

All rotating parts of a spindle are statically pre-balanced. Optimization and dynamic balancing are carried out in the test field.
Here we work with SCHENCK balancing devices, stationary as well as mobile. Made in Germany.

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FLUIDAX Low-pressure Control Units

In 2012, Deuschle was able to acquire Fluidax products from Switzerland. With conventional cooling lubrication systems, the cooling lubrication is left to chance to the tool cutting edge. Only with large volumes of liquids acceptable results are achieved.

For various media!

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The Urben Tool Post Grinder ES can be used as a stand-alone or as a support device. Its manageability convinces in many fields of application. For universal grinding or external grinding. 6 sizes to choose from.

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Accessory Service

True to the motto: “Everything from one source”, we offer you complete, high-quality accessories around the use of your spindle. Please feel free to contact us with your request.

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Consulting service

Our technical account managers and service technicians are there for you throughout Europe. Personally. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Frequency converter and Cooling units (Chillers)

Frequency converter for operating spindles. Available as desktop unit, 19” rack-mounted device, in housing, as control cabinet unit or on castors. Any size is available to customer or spindle requirements.

Cooling units for liquid-cooled spindles are available from us. Depending on the spindle power, approx. 15% is recommended as cooling capacity. The sizes are depending on the cooling capacity. Available as a stand-alone unit, as a 19- inch rack-mounted unit, in the housing or on castors.

Spindle Hotel

Regular run-in cycle to maintain the immediate readiness of the replacement spindle is essential, especially for grease-lubricated spindles to delay the aging process. Testing and documentation of all spindle functions at a quarterly fixed price.

- Proper storage of the spindles
- Warranty starts on delivery
- Certified ownership of your spindle on our warehouse
- Immediate access to your spindle

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