Exchange Spindles Quick exchange for seamless continuation of production

*** Exchange Spindles available & EXPRESS repair service approx. 7 days *** hotline call +49-7476-934660 *** Get Your Free Estimate! ***

Our exchange spindles meet high quality standards and are designed to ensure a seamless continuation of your production processes. We understand that time is of the essence in industry, which is why we do everything we can to provide you with an efficient solution when you need it most.

Rely on Deuschle Spindel-Service GmbH for replacement spindles and fast solutions to spindle damage. We pride ourselves on being your reliable partner, supporting your business and helping to keep costly downtime to a minimum.

If available, we guarantee the exchange spindle in 24-72h.

How does a spindle exchange work?

After you have decided on an exchange spindle, we offer you the option of ordering removal and installation as well. Everything from a single source, even in the event of a warranty claim.

Our service technicians will exchange the spindle on your machine on site including geometry, installation, start-up-process. The advantage of the exchange spindle is that you only need one service visit to make your machine tool ready for operation again. The usual repair process normally involves two separate appointments for installation and removal.

After the spindle exchange, you send the defective spindle back to us at the factory. This becomes our property. The newly installed spindle is then yours.

Alternatively, you can just order the matching exchange spindle without service technicians.

This list is still in development. You can find a comprehensive list of all our exchange spindels here as a PDF to download.


Wir halten ein großes Angebot an Tauschspindeln für Sie bereit.

Spindel Typ Maschinen Typ Spezifikation
Capellini Innenschleifspindel TACCHELLA "Elektra" CAPELLINI Capellini 30.000rpm
Chiron HSK 40 Motorspindel Spindel Chiron HSK 40 Nr. 1021423
Chiron HSK 50 Motorspindel Spindel Chiron HSK 50 Nr. 1115935
Fadal VMC 15 RT / 7500rpm FADAL VMC 15 RT
ABA 208353 für FFU 750/50 ABA Typ FFU 750/50 Schleifspindel
FISCHER AES72x230 Abricht Studer u.a. Abrichtspindel
Chiron mit Rotex-Kupplung u. Meldestange (Korbwechlser) SK40 Chiron FZ12/FZ15/FZ18 10500rpm (Stahllager) oder 12000rpm (Keramiklager)
Bridgeport/Quaser SKF Royal Riementrieb+A147 QUASER / Bridgeport SK-40
QUASER/Bridgeport/SKF/Royal Bridgeport XP3 / Quaser MC154/MC204/MV184/204 SK-40
Chiron HSK-32 mit Vielzahn Chiron FZ08 Keramiklagerung max. 15.000rpm
Chiron HSK-A63 Positionierspindel mit festen Mitnehmer Chiron FZ12/FZ15/FZ18
Chiron Vielzahn Chiron FZ-22/FZ-22L 10500rpm
Chiron Vielzahnkupplung und Kuppelbolzen Chiron FZ12 "alt" 6000rpm
Chiron Vielzahn SK40 Chiron WZ-08 FZ-12/18
Chiron Stama CHIRON/STAMA DZ15/FZ15
DMG / DMGMORI 12000 Motorspindel DMGMORI DMU60T / 80T / 60E / DMC80U u.a. 12.000rpm
DMG DMC63/103V DMGMORI DMC63/103V 9.000/10.000rpm
DMG DMU50T DMGMORI DMU50 T / 50 eco 10.000rpm (Version Seebach)
DMG Tauschrotor HSK-A63 SpinUp DMGMORI DMU125P u.a. (SpinUp)
DMG Tauschrotor SK50 DMGMORI diverse Rotor 10000-12000*SK50 / Deublin DDF 1129