Low-pressure Control Units by Fluidax

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In 2012, Deuschle was able to acquire Fluidax products from Switzerland. With conventional cooling lubrication systems, the cooling lubrication is left to chance to the tool cutting edge. Only with large volumes of liquids acceptable results are achieved.

With FLUIDAX sprayers you benefit from:

- The targeted cooling/lubrication of the tool cutting edge - the massive withdrawal of heat at the reference point
- The high exit velocity of the spray jet
- The overcoming of the air cushion in high-speed tools
- The distribution of the sprayed liquid into the smallest droplets (40- 60 μm)
- extended tool life
- precisely metered quantities
- even distribution of coolant/lubricant
- low consumption resp. high savings in consumption and disposal costs

Suitable for water, fatty alcohols, emulsions, oils, rust inhibitors and release agents, graphite solutions, fragrances and dyes and much more.


Brochure Fluidax

German version


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Brochure Fluidax

English Version


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