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Invest = Future

With the new ZEISS CONTURA measuring machine, we are already prepared today for the measurement requirements of tomorrow: The new generation is equipped with ZEISS mass technology and, thanks to a common interface, enables easy switching between different sensor technologies in just a few steps. In addition to innovative options such as measuring in four axes through a flexible rotary table, an automated probe changing system, the device also stands for first-class performance, ergonomics and future-proofing.

We are grateful! #SPNDLBUILDER

Published at:: Mar 9, 2023

Deuschle CrefoZert certificate
CrefoZert - Solvency Certificate

We now have it in writing with the CrefoZert: It confirms that our business conduct is impeccable and the forecast for the future of the company is assessed positively. This makes DEUSCHLE one of the 2.0% of German companies that are exclusively awarded for an exceptionally good credit rating.

Thank you for this award!

Published at:: Mar 9, 2023

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BVMW Networking - Partnership

Investing in the future: Deuschle Spindel-Service GmbH is now a member of BVMW - Bundesverband Mittelständische Wirtschaft e.V.

Thanks for the admission and to good cooperation!

"Success is more permanent when you achieve it without undermining your own principles."
(Walter Cronkite)

Deuschle Spindel-Service GmbH - since 1966.

Published at:: Nov 8, 2022

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Spindle Community #SPNDLBUILDER

Besides all negativ news and crisis we want to generate positive news. We believe 100% in interpersonal relationships in the industry value long-term partnerships. Without personal contact, relationships fall asleep and misunderstandings can arise.

Therefore, since 2022 we present our network with the hashtag #SPNDLBUILDER social media compliant without the self-sounds. Through this hashtag we will then all be found under ONE search term. How cool is that! By your "likes" and sharing the posts as well as using this hashtag on your posts we create the best spindle community ever - DEUSCHLE No 1.

Be part of it! Apply with us now at as a partner or just to get your winter hat.

Published at:: Feb 3, 2022

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Award solvency certificate

Deuschle Spindel-Service GmbH receives the Creditreform Award / solvency certificate #CrefoZert for the second time and thus confirms its economic reliability towards its customers, suppliers and employees.

Since 1966 DEUSCHLE produces and revises CNC spindles, motor spindles for machine tools of all makes. manufacturer-independent. Preventive maintenance, extended workbench for machining companies, expert for machine tools, etc..

During a spindle repair, electrical and mechanical components are renewed and the spindle is handed over to the customer after a final test run - gladly with on-site service (installation, commissioning).

Published at:: Jul 13, 2021

Deuschle Urben
Deuschle takes over URBEN tool post grinder

Deuschle hereby announces that it has taken over the product “support grinder” from H. Urben AG, Inkwil, Switzerland. The continuation of the operational activities of the support grinder will from now on be at the location in 72406 Bisingen.

H. Urben AG has been active on the market in the 2nd generation since 1951 in the field of precision engineering with a focus on tool post / support grinders for lathes. Deuschle is, also in the 2nd generation, a specialist in the field of manufacturer-independent spindle repairs, spindle manufacture and precision parts manufacture.

This takeover enables DEUSCHLE to include itself in the portfolio - Spindles. Service. Solutions. - to be broader and more competent. The digitization of the product line is already under way. 3D models (stp files) as well as 2 spindle types per device size (standard bearing, option “rigid bearing”) are offered.

Published at:: Mar 31, 2021

Christmas Titleimage 2020
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Thank you! Thank you! We are grateful!

As we bring 2020 to an end, we are reflecting on how extraordinary this year has been. Many thanks to you, our customers, partners, and friends for the loyal support you have provided through your orders. Thank you for choosing us to repair your spindles, to implement your projects, and to give you the very best solution. Our team lives for this -to work passionately for you every day!

Now more than ever, we are convinced that strong partnerships and closer cooperation is also necessary in 2021. We will pursue this collaboration and we look forward to hearing from you soon! Hopefully in person, not just virtually.

We wish you and your families a happy and blessed holidays, and a good start to 2021!
"The time we take is time that gives us something." Ernst Festl

Samuel & Jonathan Deuschle
Presidents and CEOs

Published at:: Dec 18, 2020

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Analysis & Damage assessment

The analysis after dismantling the motor spindle is essential. This is the only way for the customer to fully carry out maintenance work in his process and in maintenance.

Ex. Cooling water quality & temperature setup of spindle cooling unit. If you have any questions about unusual spindle failures or machine maintenance, we look forward to hearing from you.

Published at:: Dec 7, 2020

20201022 204843
Loyalty is rewarded. Employee anniversary in 2020

Our Head of customer service, Ramon Uhle, and our Head of Order processing / purchasing, Hanna Kühn, have been with us for 10 years. Additionally, 2 workers from the assembly dept. can look back on 10 years Deuschle in 2020, too,.

We are proud and grateful that Deuschle now has 361 employee years - with 43 employees!
This loyalty is awesome! Many thanks to the brilliant team.

Deuschle - spindles. Service. Solutions. Since 1966.
Become part of the No. 1 spindle service network!

Published at:: Aug 23, 2020

KESSLER 24.000rpm HSK63 Spindle service
KESSLER 24.000rpm HSK63 Repair

Repair as its best! NO matter what speed. DEUSCHLE can repair up to 180.000rpm.
Change of gripper, drawbar, bearings, encoder, rotary, refinishing and grinding of the HSK63, electrical and mechanical check for 8hrs. Thats real ISO 9001:2015!

Constant monitoring of spindle temperature and vibration during test run.

Published at:: Jan 14, 2020

Exchange spindles available at Deuschle
Motorspindles and mechanical spindles for exchange

Wir have more than 80 Spindles available.


Published at:: Jan 10, 2020

HITACHI SEIKI HG400 Spindle Service

Today we did a HITACHI SEIKI HG400.
Rare spindle, but quite nice.

Do you have a defect spindle? Give us a call today!

Published at:: Dec 11, 2019