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Over 57 Years of Experience

Spindles building is not for everyone. More than 57 years of experience with spindles speak for itself. Put the development of your spindle into professional hands, because our motto is: Paying attention to details is the difference between mediocrity and excellence. Our goal: excellence!

Together with you we develop the individual product or choose one of the proven spindles from our versatile spindle program.

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This is what distinguishes Deuschle spindles

Proper selection of ball bearings is essential to the smooth running of the high-speed spindle. For example, Deuschle works together with well-known manufacturers, who are able to implement the necessary experience and know-how, especially in spindle construction.

Ceramic spindle bearings are primarily installed, which have lower wear, higher maximum speeds and a smaller axial displacement of the shaft compared to steel bearings. Spindles designed for low loads and a low speed range have steel bearings.

The quality inspection of the products takes place in a semi-automatic test field and is carried out according to important factors:
- Mechanical and electrical values

- Temperatures
- Vibrations
- Function (sensors, tool change, etc.) - Pull-in force (kN)
- Volume (dB)

The arrangement of the bearings depends on the application load. The front bearing package is usually installed as a fixed bearing, the rear, however, as a floating bearing (with spring preload). This offers a decisive advantage in the machining accuracy (low length growth on the tool side).

High rigidity

Deuschle prefers to use the manual HSK system (HSK-C). Due to the contact between the spindle shaft and the tool plane surface, the stiffness of HSK (hollow shaft taper) is about three times higher than with conventional tapered connections such as BT/ISO taper e.g. DIN 69871.

Excellent change accuracy

The plane contact between the spindle and the tool enables optimum axial positioning accuracy with the HSK. The reduced conical contact with HSK tools minimizes concentricity errors.

Excellent application in high-speed machining

The high centrifugal force increases the effective pull- in force. In the case of the BT/ISO, on the other hand, the centrifugal force counteracts the clamping force. This causes a reduction in the pull-in force.

Excellent torque transmission

The tool of an HSK (hollow shaft cone) has full contact in the spindle cone and on the plane surface when clamped. Due to this defined plane contact, a higher rigidity compared to the BT/ISO (steep taper) is achieved. Further advantages of the HSK are that it is suitable for higher speeds, has an excellent change accuracy (approx. 3μm) and that the pull-in force increases with the speed. Due to the two contact surfaces torques are transmitted force- locking. HSK variants with key stone transmit the torque form-fit.

Deuschle active sealing air technology

The dirt generated during machining is prevented from penetrating the spindle interior by an “active air seal“ on the spindle nose. This technique by means of a deep hole drilling through the spindle housing and the labyrinth at the exit point allows admission up to 2 bar. Conventional solutions offer 0.5 bar, which can lead to shorter service life due to contamination.