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Präzisionsfertigung von Deuschle
Precision Parts

In addition to spindle production and spindle repair, DEUSCHLE is expanding into precision parts production.

Turning, milling, internal and external grinding, balancing, 3D measurement, coating, testing, testing of all spindles in the house.

100% quality.
100% delivery control.
Pure precision.

Published at:: Oct 8, 2019

Iso Zertifiziert
DEUSCHLE: Highest quality

We are now DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and
DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

Published at:: Oct 9, 2018

Kundenspezifische Spindeln
Custom designed grinding spindles

Need a custom designed grinding spindle?

Double HSK-C40, max. 12.000rpm, 4,4kW

Check out our range of spindles!

Published at:: Jul 25, 2018

EMag Spindel
EMAG VL5i Spindel

Repaired and checked. Adjust to 2µm... it all works!

Get in touch with us - be a part of success - new spindle with manual tool change or motor spindle repair

Published at:: Jul 12, 2018

J.G.WEISSER Lathe Motor Spindle

Doing a J.G.WEISSER Lathe Motor Spindle.
Max. 3500rpm 124kW 290A
3 days repair time for: New bearings, Rotor refurbishing, new spacers, grinding, testing, final check.

Published at:: Oct 24, 2017

Homag Spindel
Doing a HOMAG milling spindle

Doing a HOMAG milling spindle.
Max. 24.000rpm / HSK-F63
New bearings, Rotor refurbishing, new spacers, grinding, testing, final check.

When do you speak to us?

Published at:: Oct 24, 2017

EMAG Spindelkasten
Spindlerepair 1,4t - EMAG VSC250

We have recently repaired a 1,4to EMAG HEADSTOCK.
New Bearings, Encoder change, Balancing and test run.
Excellent Service for customers satisfaction.

No matter what size - contact us!

Published at:: Mar 16, 2017