Exchange spindle: DMG Tauschrotor HSK-A63

Suitable for SpinUp

After you have decided on an exchange spindle, we offer you the option of ordering removal and installation as well. Everything from a single source, even in the event of a warranty claim.

Our service technicians will exchange the spindle on your machine on site including geometry, installation, start-up-process. The advantage of the exchange spindle is that you only need one service visit to make your machine tool ready for operation again. The usual repair process normally involves two separate appointments for installation and removal.

After the spindle exchange, you send the defective spindle back to us at the factory. This becomes our property. The newly installed spindle is then yours.

Alternatively, you can just order the matching exchange spindle without service technicians.

Weitere Daten:

Spindle-Type: DMG Tauschrotor HSK-A63
Machine-Type: SpinUp
Specifications: DMGMORI DMU125P u.a. (SpinUp)
Spindle Identification Number: DMG Rotor 18000*HSK-A63
Productnumber of the manufacturer: 2547949
Internal Article Number: 2260581 (Tausch- teil Nr.: 2456432)

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